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Welcome to Soles of Imagination

Where Imagination Creates Reality

Soles of Imagination is a black-owned nonprofit organization that teaches the youth of our community how to design their own sneakers. We believe that by giving them the tools to be creative, they can unlock their potential and become more proactive in their futures. Our workshops provide hands-on experience in shoe design and production, giving the students the skills and confidence to pursue their dreams. We are dedicated to inspiring the youth and helping them achieve success. Come join us on this journey and discover the power of imagination.

Soles of Imagination Experience

At Soles of Imagination, we believe that everyone should have the opportunity to be creative and express themselves through art. Our workshop provides the perfect platform for children and teenagers to express themselves and design their own unique sneakers. Students manage the entire brand process, including creating color concepts, selecting a brand/shoe name, finding the right look and price for their brand. Either as a team or individually students can begin their actual shoe brand. Students are encouraged here to use their imagination and create something unique. What would it feel like for this dream to come true? How would you see yourself? How would the world see you? 
At the conclusion of the course we have students who now walk in the spirit of the dream desired.

Changing the minds of the community changes the community. 


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Soles of Imagination

Go-Go and Sneaker Design Party

District Kings and Soles of Imagination
District Kings and Soles of Imagination
Sep 30, 2023, 9:00 PM – Oct 01, 2023, 1:00 AM
Private Lounge,
9200 Alaking Ct, Capitol Heights, MD 20743