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Behind the Sneakers

Discover the Heart of Soles of Imagination

Our Mission

At Soles of Imagination, our mission is to ignite the spark of creativity within our community. As a black-owned nonprofit organization, we dedicate ourselves to empowering individuals of all ages through our unique sneaker designing workshops. In these immersive sessions, we inspire our clients to bring their dreams to life, crafting personalized sneakers that become tangible symbols of their aspirations.


We believe in the transformative power of imagination. Our workshops are not just about designing sneakers; they are about encouraging our clients to envision their dreams and letting their creativity guide them. With each step, their custom-designed sneakers become more than footwear; they become the embodiment of their aspirations, walking them confidently toward their goals.


At Soles of Imagination, we bridge generations, fostering unity and creativity in our diverse community. Our tagline, 'Where imagination creates reality,' encapsulates our commitment to turning dreams into tangible achievements.

We envision a world where creativity becomes the cornerstone of personal and community growth. We see our workshops not just as artistic endeavors, but as transformative experiences that empower individuals of all ages to embrace their dreams fearlessly. As we move forward, our vision is not just about sneakers; it's about empowering generations, enriching communities, and creating a legacy where the power of imagination becomes a driving force for positive change. This is the future we strive for—a future where every step taken in our unique sneakers echoes the potential of a brighter, more creative world for all.

Our Vision

Core Values


Encouraging the freedom to express oneself creatively, fostering individuality and uniqueness.


Embracing diverse perspectives and ideas, fostering an atmosphere of acceptance.


Liberating imaginations, breaking barriers, and enabling dreams to become tangible realities.


Empowering individuals of all ages to believe in their potential and pursue their aspirations.

Social Impact

Cultivating unity, understanding, and creativity to empower a connected and supported mental health community

Michael Hyman founder of soles of imagination

Our Founder

Michael Hyman is a former soccer coach from Washington DC, known for his leadership and coaching abilities. He coached the Olney Boys and Girls Club soccer team, leading them to a championship victory. His passion for the sport and his ability to bring out the best in his players made him a beloved figure in the local soccer community.

In addition to his love for soccer, Michael also had a lifelong passion for sneakers. He grew up collecting and admiring different types of shoes, and always dreamed of one day creating a shoe of his own. With hard work and dedication, he eventually realized that dream, and launched his own shoe design workshop.

Today, Michael is known as a successful coach and an up-and-coming shoe design workshop creative. His commitment to his passions and his willingness to take risks has made him a role model for young people in his community, and an inspiration to anyone looking to follow their dreams.

Unleash your creativity

with our Sneaker Design Workshops, where imagination becomes reality

and possibilities are limitless.

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